Keep your friends close, keep your farmers closer.

Hi, I'm Megan!

Born and raised in beautiful Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley, I took an interest in food and nutrition at a young age. What started off as reading nutrition labels and enjoying a surplus of fresh fruits and vegetables picked from the yard developed into a degree in Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. 

Having completed my BSc, I have since been able to apply my nutritional knowledge and expertise in a multitude of areas.

Teaching and facilitating nutrition education, creating daily multi-course Eco-resort menus, and working in community research, has only deepened my love for everything nutrition.

These experiences enabled me to develop a conscious mind about how food impacts myself and my surroundings. The term "you are what you eat" was something that really resonated with me, from a nutritional perspective. And due to this new heightened awareness I became intensely keen on discovering where my food came from, how it was grown, raised, and processed, and what the consequences and rewards are of my food choices; both internally and externally. 

I began to value and prioritize locally grown foods and ethically became more inclined to focus on a plant based diet, rather than one centred around animal products. 

This, combined with the philosophy of health being holistic and truly a mind-body-spirit package, has provided the foundation for my life, and now, for our business. The Collective Raw gives me the opportunity and platform to extend that philosophy and passion to others. 

I'm Ali. 

I like to make things. Videos, photos, and now websites too. I'm the other half of The Collective Raw. 

I grew up near the majestic Rocky Mountains in Alberta and met Megan shortly after finishing Broadcast Television school in Edmonton. 

For the past two years I've been living in Toronto as a freelance videographer/photographer and travelling as much as possible. Wherever I find myself, I also find a camera. But, my interests stretch in many directions. I'm an animal lover, nature enthusiast, and developing foodie. After meeting Megan I was introduced to foods and cooking styles that let me enjoy what I eat without compromising my values. 

Cooking with Megan means each recipe comes with a lesson on nutrition, digestion, and healthy living. Together we have explored the varieties of Canadian grown foods and have come to learn the potential of these treasures are unlimited. With abundances of ethically produced nourishment sprouting in the backyards of our cities, we are making it our mission to see that regional farms are given justice against a market saturated with imports. 

Along with Megan's delightful food creations, we are excited to employ sustainable initiatives that naturally conjoin with eating locally produced plant based foods. We want to create a community where everyone can feel proud about their day-to-day choices, support one another, and promote positive social change.

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Opening in summer 2016, Raw Eatery & Market will feature locally produced dishes using fresh ingredients without compromising our efforts towards sustainability and healthy living. 

Our menu will focus on utilizing raw, seasonal produce and will work with regional farmers as suppliers as much as possible. 



We are so excited to release our staple menu, and to have everyone in this summer to try these dishes. Of course we'll have some seasonal specials on the go as well! Drinks and treats menu coming online soon... 


Thanks to everyone's generous support through our Kickstarter campaign we are moving forward with the opening! 

Our menu is complete and will be available to look at online very soon! We'll be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with seasonal features and tons of health related food and products available to purchase. If you know of a local product that you'd like to see on our shelves please email: 

THANK YOU to everyone who made this project possible and for everyone who continues to support and encourage us. The Kickstarter packages are nearly complete and will be mailed before the end of the month; we're beyond excited to have everyone in for some great meals this summer!

Check back later this month for more information on the opening!


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Persimon Cake-1.jpg

A healthy alternative for office gatherings, parties, and events. Choose between the options below and email us with your request on our Contact Page with the subject "Catering Request."

Option 1: $35/person
10 Items from our Tapas Menu
2 Alcoholic items from our Drinks Menu
2 Non-alcoholic items from our Drinks Menu

Option 2: $25/person
8 Items from our Tapas Menu
1 Alcoholic items from our Drinks Menu
1 Non-alcoholic items from our Drinks Menu

Option 3: $15/person
Combination platters including 5 vegan items paired with wine.

GF - Gluten Free
V - Vegan
VT - Vegetarian
R - Raw  

If you would like to collaborate and be featured on our Community Page please fill out the form on our Contact Page with the subject "Community Feature."

Urban Bulk Emporium, Toronto ON

This beautiful bulk store opened in Leslieville, Toronto in early 2015. Owners Aziza and Cory had a vision to bring the bulk experience to Toronto neighbourhoods and they did so in style. Although it carries many of the same products, this store is not your typical bulk stop. From the moment you step through the Queen street doors you are welcomed warmly and invited into a space of quality fresh ingredients. Offering a variety of common and specialty bulk products- 70% of which are organic- UBE also carries grocery staples and packaged foods. 

It was no surprise that this store became an instant hit- bulk food practically runs in Aziza's blood! Starting with her grandfather this industry has now found it's way down three generations. The UBE staff are extremely knowledgable about their products and always happy to talk cooking and help out with recipes. 

Not only are they particular about their products being of the highest quality, but they are also conscious of how their store's environmental impact, encouraging customers to bring their own containers, and also locally sourcing products when possible. Aziza and Cory are showing that you can have an impact on your community and healthy lifestyles by making simple choices about where you shop! For reasons like this, as well as UBE's full support of Raw since day one of our original food blog we have every intention to keep heading back to our (old) hood on special grocery excursions. We love the team and products, and definitely love their chocolate covered almonds!