Urban Bulk Emporium

Urban Bulk Emporium, Toronto ON

This beautiful bulk store opened in Leslieville, Toronto in early 2015. Owners Aziza and Cory had a vision to bring the bulk experience to Toronto neighbourhoods and they did so in style. Although it carries many of the same products, this store is not your typical bulk stop. From the moment you step through the Queen street doors you are welcomed warmly and invited into a space of quality fresh ingredients. Offering a variety of common and specialty bulk products- 70% of which are organic- UBE also carries grocery staples and packaged foods.   

It was no surprise that this store became an instant hit- bulk food practically runs in Aziza's blood! Starting with her grandfather this industry has now found it's way down three generations. The UBE staff are extremely knowledgable about their products and always happy to talk cooking and help out with recipes.  

Not only are they particular about their products being of the highest quality, but they are also conscious of their store's environmental impact, encouraging customers to bring their own containers, and also locally sourcing products when possible. Aziza and Corey showcase that you can have an impact on your community and healthy lifestyles by making simple choices about where you shop! For reasons like this, as well as UBE's full support of Raw since day one of our original food blog we have every intention to keep heading back to our (old) hood on special grocery excursions. We love the team and products, and can't stay away from their chocolate covered almonds!